How to make a free blog on blogger in 2022 ?

How to make a free blog on blogger and WordPress in 2022. Follow the below details and create your Own.

    What is blog

    The concept of a blog is entirely different from that of a website. Blogging is a way of gaining knowledge. Take the example of a company in which you manufacture some products. A website has also been created for that. But A blog, however, can help you promote your products to a wider audience.

    If you want a solution to a problem then easily you can find out many solutions on Google nowadays.

    Blogging is popular because you share information about these products. You will find most of the information on something you are searching for on the blog itself in Google searches.

    you should have a better understanding of the basic idea of a blog.

    There are two platforms to create a blog one is a Blogger and another is WordPress.


    Blogger is a product of Google. Therefore, you don't need to create an account on it. If you have a Gmail account, you can access it through that.  If you learn blogging then first start with free, after having a good idea then you can invest in good web hosting.

    Create a blog in Blogger

    1. Open any web browser on your computer and type

    2. Here, sign in with your Gmail ID by typing If you have already got a login in Google, then it can now no longer ask you for a login.

    3. After you log in, and create a new blog, you will see the window called new blog on the left side. You will find a button click here. From his blog title. This will be the name of your blog. Then click next.

    4. In the next step you have to provide an address which has to be unique. If your name is unique, you'll see this blog address is available. Then click next.

    5. On the next screen you will need to provide your display name which is your profile name. Then click on finish.

    6. Your blog is now complete. Whatever name you put in the address field is the address of your blog, e.g. B.

    7. A free blog always comes with a sub-domain and that is


    One of the common misconceptions of people is, that WordPress is a blogging platform but it is much more than that. 

    WordPress is free software. You can freely download it.

    WordPress started as a blogging tool that involved into powerful website builder and robust management system content as called as CMS. The best part about WordPress is that it’s easy and flexible to use.

    According to a recent survey, WordPress powers 43% of all websites on the internet.

    Create a blog in WordPress

    1) Go to the website of on your computer.

    2. Click on the start your website button. 

    3. After that you need to create a WordPress account using your Email address or Gmail account or using apple Id. 

    4. Asking to choose a domain. Choose it based on our requirements.

    5. It will show the free domain as well as paid domain based on your name. If you are new select free sub-domain else select as per your requirement.

    6. If you select free domain name then click on start with a free site.

    7. Othwise select base on your plan.

    8. Next step is based on your website select a goal and click on continue.

    9. Select the arrow mark and Choose the categories that your website is defined.

    10. Add blog name and tagline to your site.

    11. Next step select the view designs button and choose a theme to make your website beautiful. There are free themes as well as paid ones. Select based on your requirement.

    12. After applying the theme, your site is ready to write a post and if you want to see how your site looks then select dashboard its redirects to your site.

    In those days people moved into WordPress sites to create beautiful customization for websites or blogs because it is user-friendly and provided plugins and themes give you full control over your site.

    Most of the essential plugins it recommended to boost your sites like

    • Contact form plugin that your visitors can reach out to you.

    • Analytics plugin that you can see how many visitors you’re getting.
    • Search engine optimization plugin so that you can get more traffic from Google.

    Note: The problem with a free account on WordPress is, that there is no way to customize it. For that, you have to use self-hosted WordPress. And you will need a domain and hosting.

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